Friday, December 7, 2007

Pleasant Way to Wake Up

I awoke P yesterday morning with my hot mouth on his cock, sucking slowly at first and then more greedily as he started to wake more. We always talk about this but until then had been unsuccessful - he'd always woken up as I was squirming my way under the winter blankets to get to him - now with summer fast approaching and a light duvet and a sheet the only bed clothing, I've already proved it's far easier. P grinned lazily at me as he leaned up slightly to watch me, but I was too horny to keep giving him head - I crawled up and straddled his (lovely, lovely) hips and he helped me guide his rigid cock into my very achey cunt. Bliss. I rode him slowly at first, gliding down his cock languidly, enjoying each inch sink into me. We gradually picked up the pace, far too turned on to keep going slow, until I was riding him hard, grinding my way frantically until I came (she comes in colours everywhere! She combs her hair! - well, that's a given Jagger - particularly if you're combing come out of it, that stuff is sticky!)
I leaned against him for a bit, while he moved my hips for me - I tend to either collapse when I've come or violently grind away until I'm coming again - this time was one of those collapsing times - but of course P hadn't pinged yet - so he rolled us over and kneeled, lifting me up slightly so my hips met his, and then fucked me so deliciously I came again - and then he followed suit seconds after, pulling out to come in my mouth - feeling him come in my mouth is goddamn incredible, and can I just remind women everywhere -

SEMEN DOES NOT TASTE BAD. Yes, it's a little salty, and not ice cream flavour of the year, but for god's sake, it's not sulfuric acid, there's no need to spit it out so frantically - besides, it has a lot of protein in it, amongst other things that are good for you.
P and I often joke that he's giving me my protein shake. Heh.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Darn you, faulty cock ring!

Well the cock ring trials started out well, P put the adjustable one on and said it felt quite good, and his erection certainly looked good to me! However things didn't look quite so good when his cock started turning purple! And then we found that the 'easy-adjust' ring was in reality quite difficult to adjust! We managed to get one side loose and wiggled it off his cock - at least it's only $5 down the drain, sigh. Such a nice idea and started out with such promise but alas. Perhaps we'll invest in a better quality ring in the future.
The second cock ring was a silicone non-restricting number with a vibrating egg on it. That was nice - made P's whole penis feel like a vibrator! However, I did find that it didn't quite hit the spot during sex.
I showed P just how well I'd made myself come with the new vibrator, spreading my legs in front of him and rubbing the vibrator up and down and then in circles around my clit, occasionally fucking myself a bit with it. He stroked himself as he watched me making myself come and then after a brief cuddle when I crawled back to him, breathless, he rolled me onto my back and told me how close I'd got him just watching me, as he started to fuck me deeply and slowly.
"Where do you want to come this evening?" I murmured, and he grinned and pulled out, and I finished him off, smiling as he came across my breasts.
I feel marked when he does this, almost like it's a territorial 'she's mine' ritual. I like being his.

A naughty picture taken on holiday - let me know what you think ;)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rest in Peace Raine

Well, I warned you the blog may contain small animals. Raine, a beautiful elderly NZ Plume guinea pig I rescued in September passed away this afternoon. I went out to give the pigs an early dinner and when Raine wasn't immediately at the side of the cage for her veges, I knew something was wrong. I lifted the pigloo and she was lying on her side, breathing but very limp. I went and got a towel and wrapped her in it and brought her inside - I knew it was just old age taking its course. I'm very relieved that I found her alive, not dead - finding your animals dead is terrifying. I cuddled her close to me and talked to her and told her I loved her as she passed away. I've buried her in the garden with some pretty flowers on her grave...
I've had a pretty bad run with my animals lately, she's the fourth guinea pig to die since the beginning of October, and one of my rabbits passed away, and P's dog was put down on Thursday. I'm quite emotionally drained at the moment -a friend suggested I pamper myself to make me feel a bit better.
I went out and got the Lavender Beaded vibrator. I also got a vibrating cock ring and an adjustable one (P agreed to try it out and I wasn't sure which to get, why not get both when they're on sale?) so looking forward to trying them out tonight. And I did pamper myself this evening, I gave myself a pretty earth-shaking orgasm with the new vibrator - I've discovered a new method that works well for me, so I'll have to show P tonight ;)

New vibrator!

Bad me, have been very busy (and not always in bed!) the past couple of days, but I'm back, and I have new toys!
To my delight as P & I were driving through town the other day I noticed many signs on one of the adult stores proclaiming a 50% off sale, so yesterday I headed in excitedly to pick out some new goodies.
As shown left, my prize find was a fabulous new vibrator, it's the 'Sapphire Swirl' by Climax Gems and it's to die for. I picked it because a) it wasn't a cheap rubbishy Asian import that probably isn't all that safe and b) it's so pretty! They had a couple of designs, the 'Pink Diamond', the 'Crimson Rod' (a bit too veiny for me) and the 'Lavender Beaded'. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to choose between the Lavender Beaded and the Sapphire Swirl (ridges or beads? So tough!) before finally settling on the Swirl because I decided it was a more manly colour for P to wield ;)
However, after extensive trials of the Swirl last night, I love it so much that I want to get the Beaded as well! They're $17.50 NZD on sale which is pretty fabulous as they're $15.99 USD on Eden Fantasies. It is just a wonderful vibrator. It's got a jelly feel and is flexible, which I love. The vibration is located at the head of the vibrator, which is wonderful for clitoral stimulation, although this means it isn't all that stimulating when fully inserted and left there (with our other vibrator, P likes to leave it buzzing in me when he's punishing me, and we won't be able to do that with this, although it would feel divine left buzzing against my clit). And the ridges - oh my Jesus. They are almost painfully good - they definitely added an edge when P was fucking me with the Swirl. I also came, hard from being fucked with the Swirl and the tiniest of clitoral stimulation, which says a lot for it, I think :)
In the hall of shame (or rather, drawer) is our now retired vibrator, the pink 'Lady Finger' pictured by the Swirl. As you can see, it's rather plain, it's plastic, it really isn't all that special. The Lady Finger is a chocolate chip in comparison to the Swirl which is a fan-fucking-tastic chocolate sundae. With hot fudge sauce. Ahhhhh.
Did I mention the Sapphire Swirl is also waterproof? Which we haven't tried out yet, but believe me, we will.
I also bought some nipple clamps, which I was a bit curious about. I'm not sure yet whether I like them a lot - we tried them out last night, and I'm not used to the pain yet, I think I prefer P biting on my nipples for a bit of pleasurable pain, but who knows, I might become addicted to them!
Off back to the shop again shortly, to pick up a Lavender Beaded and perhaps a cock ring, which P and I discussed last night. Yay!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


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I showed P the post I wrote last night. I was a little nervous that he'd think I'd overdone it, or just find it plain silly, but the erection he got reading it reassured me muchly! I was very pleased, and thrilled when he murmured he'd have to 'punish' me for my new blog.

Now our form of punishment is really wonderful, exquisitely drawn out teasing. It involves me naked, spread eagled on the bed, tied down. I enjoy it far too much. P sometimes teases that he shouldn't punish me, because it'd only encourage me to 'act up' more in future.

Well, he didn't get round to punishing me last night (he stayed up late working, I decided to have a nap and woke up grumpy from it, then unreasonably grumpy when he said he was too tired to punish me, ended up having some nice sex though, and we both came - yay!) and so today I was quite naughty when P was trying to work on an assignment. I was in a very silly mood, finding silly things on the net and announcing them happily, rolling around on the bed being stupid, singing, generally being annoying. I decided to get naked (I love being naked) and frustrate him a bit more. I tend to get even sillier when I'm naked. I rolled onto my stomach and announced: "P, it's my bum!"

Now this is pretty much an invitation to spank me. P gets out the ruler, comes over, and spanks me hard with it, several strokes to each cheek. I kiss his free arm as he does this, making little squeals of pain. I can't remember exactly at which point he got turned on enough to decide he was going to fuck me silly - but minutes after my spanking I was sucking his cock and then being pushed back onto the bed so he could slide his wonderfully thick cock into me.
"Not going to punish me?"

"Later," he grins as he adjusts our position and begins to fuck me hard and fast, the way I like it best. When he's fucking me this way I can grip his shoulders and cling to his back to urge him on, and nibble, suck, bite and kiss at his neck and shoulders, which is always fine. I love that moment before he comes, when I can feel his whole body stiffen and then I watch his face, eyes shut, lips parted, as he comes in me and I can feel my cunt flood with liquid warmth. Mmm.

Later I again tried to frustrate him into punishing me by lying on the edge of the bed, legs spread, one foot resting on a speaker, the other higher up, balanced on the edge of his desk, one hand caressing my clit, the other manuevering a pink vibrator in and out of my pussy, which was wet just watching him work. I played with myself like this for about 20 minutes, and not once did Pickle look up, or sneak a peek. Putting on a show without an audience became boring so I stopped and sorted beads for a bit.

But at last, my punishment came when P came and lay on the bed for a bit on a break from his assignment. We kissed, cuddled, fondled lightly and I, turned on as always, let him know how much I wanted him, stroking his hard cock through his pants.

"That's it," he says, feigning anger and seizing one of my wrists, binding it roughly to the bed while I cheekily use my other hand to continue the stroking of his cock until it is snatched and bound too. He then binds my ankles to the bed deliciously roughly and stands back to admire his handiwork, dropping his pants and stroking his cock almost absentmindedly. I watch and whimper, yearning to feel that cock in me.

"Look how hard doing this to you has got me," he tells me. "You want to feel this inside you, don't you? You want to feel my thick, hard cock filling you up."

"Yes," I gasp out, impossibly, ridiculously turned on just being bound here, exposed to his eyes. P kneels between my legs on the bed and sucks his fingers a bit, getting them nice and wet before he starts to stroke at my pussy, focussing mainly around my clit, round and round, never quite touching. I'm squirming a little, wanting more than he's giving me and he knows I need much, much more than this.
He leans down and starts to lap at me, long, flat-tongued licks at first, then he switches to flick his tongue against my clit and I lie moaning and issuing little gasps whenever he touches my clit. He takes his sweet time getting me dripping wet and squirming, wanting more, leaning back to grin at me when he senses me getting closer. He slides a single finger into me and I squirm more, bucking against his hand, and he grants me another finger and begins to fuck me hard with them. He slides up the bed a bit, his fingers still plunging in and out of me, and kisses me and asks me if this is going to make me come. I'm grinding frantically against his hand and my breathing is coming out in ragged gasps and moans as I get closer and closer to the brink.
"I want you to come for me," he murmurs, doubling his efforts, and I'm so close, gasping out half-formed words and then I'm coming at last and P watches, grinning lazily and bringing his fingers up to my mouth for me to lick clean.
Next he brings his cock to my mouth for me to suck and I do, still light-headed a little weak. He groans and slides his hand to the back of my head to urge me on, and then pulls away after a few minutes and grabs the vibrator. He rubs it against my clit and my cunt for a few tantalising seconds before turning it on and sliding it into me. The vibrator buzzing away, he walks off, leaving me trying to grind against the vibrator in hope of another orgasm, but it's a difficult task.
After a few minutes he returns and smiles at me, helpless on the bed and being teased without him even needing to lay a hand on me. He sits at his desk and clicks away at this computer for a bit, occasionally glancing over at me.
After maybe 10 minutes of this he returns to the bed and starts to fuck me with the vibrator, getting me closer until he can't hold himself back anymore and he turns off the vibrator and tosses it aside with a flourish. P slides his hands under me and lifts my hips slightly so he can fuck me with ease, though I'm still bound tightly to the bed.
"This is what you wanted, isn't it? Me buried deep in your tight cunt," he groans as he fucks me fast and forcefully, fingers digging into my hips, driving us both closer to orgasm. I grind against him, urging him on with moans and whimpers until we're both coming hard, P stiffening against me as he leans his head back, almost growling as he comes. Then he collapses against me, kissing my forehead, cheeks and mouth as he unties me, panting.

I love being punished.

Firework Ejaculation

Ever noticed how fireworks can be compared to a bad lover?

You've got the ones that shoot their load within seconds of being lit. You watch to see if there's more. There isn't. He's done. He's rolling over, and you're left trying to hide your disappointment.

Then there's the ones that keep going and going, uneven thrusts into the air, going on doggedly, not taking into account your enjoyment while you lie beneath them thinking "just finish already!"

Then of course you've got the ones who think they're god's gift, firing off huge bangs, all noise and no detail.


Thank god P's never been comparable to a firework.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Shaving isn't for everyone.

That's what P and I discovered yesterday. Into the shower we descended, armed with a pair of scissors and a razor. I'd been interested in getting him to shave his balls for a while, and while initially he'd ummed and ahhed and shied away from it, that day it was him who suggested we give it a try.
Countless sex books describe shaving your partner as a 'highly sensual act' (so says the Need to Know Kama Sutra). Hate to disappoint, but it really isn't. That's not to say it wasn't fun! There were lots of giggles and teasing. But kneeling on the hard shower floor with P's balls cupped in one hand and a clogged razor in the other, trying to rinse the blades under the shower head, wasn't so much as sensual as a tad awkward. I think it took about an hour getting through all the hair. But when we'd rinsed him thoroughly and I could lean back and admire my handiwork - wow.
The sight of his beautiful cock, the hair gone, making it appear larger than ever, and his balls smooth and slightly glistening - god how it made me wet. I eagerly took him into my mouth and discovered it much easier to take more of him in when he was hair free. I love sucking P's cock. I revel in watching him tilt his head back, his eyelids occasionally fluttering and hearing him make little groans of pleasure. I love to play with his balls too, but let's face it - wrapping your lips around hairy balls isn't as sexy as smooth ones, so they got extra attention, lots of long licks and gently sucking. His balls are very sensitive, but he likes it when I take them in my mouth and flick my tongue lightly against them.
Up to bed shortly after, where I continued giving head more eagerly than usual - I'm sure he didn't think I could be any more eager than I am already, but there I was, sucking greedily on his cock and moaning happily, sliding my hand down occasionally to rub against my wet cunt and flick my fingers against my clit. Just giving him head alone soon wasn't enough for me and Pickle knew it. He moved to beckon to me and lazily grinned, "I think you should come ride me for a bit".
Well, there's no telling me twice. Grinning back, I pull myself up to him and straddle him, pausing to lean down and kiss his cock before positioning myself and sliding him slowly into me, moaning in pleasure as I feel him stretch and fill me. This is one of the reasons I adore being on top - the ability to take it as slow or fast as I like, and to savour the feeling of his cock buried deep in my aching cunt. God, I love that. And he knows it. When he dirty talks, he emphasizes my love for his thick hard cock deep in me. And I love hearing him tell me how I love it, how I want it and need it. Another wonderful thing - the ability to tease. This he loves too. I love to rub the tip of his cock against the entrance to my wet pussy and ask him what he wants, sometimes sliding down his cock a few millimetres, just to give him a taste. I love hearing him beg me. Watching him bite his lip as he begs, "please, just slide down my cock. I want to feel your hot cunt enveloping me. Slide down my cock and fuck me. Please, I want you to fuck me so bad."
I watch him with a devilish smile and nibble at his neck, asking "do you? Do you want me to fuck your thick, hard cock?" Listening to him groan his agreement. Sometimes, halfway through his begging, I slide all the way down his cock suddenly, and grind against him, revelling in the feeling and listening to him shout or swear and tell me how wonderful it feels - before I pull back up and continue the teasing. Sometimes I repeat this several times, just to drive him crazy.
Not this time. I want him too badly to tease him too long. After a bit of teasing, I slide down quickly onto his cock, pausing momentarily to hear him groan before I start to ride him hard and fast, crouched against him so my breasts hang close to his face and he can suckle and bite my nipples, which I love. When I'm on top, riding him hard like this, I love it rough.
We don't often get him to come, with me on top - but when it does happen, my god, it is wonderful. I ride him hard, ruthlessly my palms braced against the wall. I'm noisy during sex. He likes it. I moan, scream, pant his name, and when I'm close to coming, he hears all about it, and encourages me. I love that.
"I want you to come for me," he growls to me as I'm dangerously close, "I want you to come hard from riding my thick hard cock. Come for me."
And I'm whispering desperately right back to him, "come with me, I need you to. I need you to come in me,"
And then... the tightening in me escalates, and sometimes I see colours, or stars, flickers of light, and he's stiffening beneath me and groaning and I can feel him coming, thick and hot, in me, and I start to slow down my movement, muttering a little, intelligible noises, and then I'm collapsing against him, panting, as he wraps his arms around me and nuzzles my neck lightly.
After a few minutes, I have enough strength to lean back a little and study his grinning face, and tell him I love him, and smile happily when he returns the sentiment. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of hearing those words from him.
"So you like it without hair?" he asks, stroking my back.
I'm practically purring as I tell him how much I adore it.

And yet, after all that, he's not staying hair free. Heehee. He doesn't like having no pubic hair at all, so he'll let it grow back. We're going to try and keep the base of his cock trimmed though, because it's wonderful to suck that way, and even feels nicer during sex. He's been complaining that his balls, hair free, feel almost sticky and not nice against his legs. Any other guys experienced that? Does the feeling go? We're just going to see what happens with that for now. He tells me about not liking it with an apologetic tone to his voice, but I don't mind. I've had the thrill of seeing his bits 'naked' for a bit and I'm happy. I love his cock equally with pubic hair surrounding it. Shaving isn't for everyone.

Hmmm... my first post. I think it went well.